Traces of I is the story of April who is struggling with herself, her relationships and her past and how she overcomes it. Her journey is one filled with heartbreak, pain and tears.

I completely relate to April, her shy personality, the things she worries about and the insecurities she has are very similar to my own, so for me this story was very heart warming and enlightening. I finished the book more confident and feeling as though I could take on the world.

April’s story is one that sheds light on a seemingly dark situation that many, if not all, young women finds themselves in. The moral in this story is that inner beauty is far more important than what is on the outside but if you want to change anything about yourself then you can. It is your life and you can do with it as you wish but there is a danger of losing sight of yourself as you make the changes. Not only is this an incredibly important lesson for women to learn, the story has other lessons to be learned, in the relationships that April engages in and the way she is treated by men. Always beware the male who repeatedly tells you he prefers you without make up!

Change is a natural part of life, whether it is forced upon us or we choose it and the right person, be it a partner or friend, will accept you however you are. Changes on the outside don’t affect the changes on the inside and it is the inside parts of us that truly matters. As for how April reaches this conclusion and what changes she makes, you’ll have to read it for yourself!

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead!

Instead of doing the normal thing of having a male character ‘fix’ the female character, April’s partners throughout the book are there to highlight the changes in April, something that I thought was very refreshing. The two males signify the changes in April’s life. Shaun is the person she is at the beginning of the story, safe, shy and simple. Jay is who she is now, the woman she has blossomed into. It seemed April was happy with Shaun, happy to be safe, but as she grows more confident the ugliness of this life amongst other things is exposed. April’s life with Jay is easier, she is the person she always wanted to be but she’s still shown to be slightly uneasy as her failed relationships and difficult childhood cast a slight shadow over her.

Overall, I enjoyed this story! I found it to be interesting and the ending was not the obvious choice for a story like this, something that I loved! Very early on in the story, I thought I guessed where it heading but I was pleasantly surprised! This story is relatable for young women everywhere and does what every other story (that I have read anyway) does not: has the female main character overcome her problems herself rather than have her be fixed by another character that is usually male. I thoroughly recommend!


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