Before I even get to talking about Lazer Team, I want to discuss the atmosphere! Being in England and unable to attend RTX, I’ve never met an RT fan outside of my friends and boyfriend. So you can imagine how great it was to see a whole bunch of people wearing RT t shirts, excitedly discussing the film. I didn’t think I would be able to see Lazer Team in my little coastal town but it happened and it was amazing to see loads of other people there too and see just how many supporters Roosterteeth has from across the pond.

Anyway onto the actual film….

I thought Lazer Team was a refreshing change from the endless superhero-type movies we’ve been bombarded with recently. The characters were so relatable and so were the situations they found themselves in. Suddenly finding out you’re an Earth Champion would be chaos and dramatic motivational speeches are never destined to go the way the big screen would have us believe do they?

Most films have a little romance in them, something I kinda really despise, but the relationship between Zach (Michael Jones) and Hagan’s (Burnie Burns) daughter, Mindy was entirely for comedic effect and made for some hilarious awkward moments. This was another real refreshing change and not something I’ve seen before or at least done well (Black Widow and Hulk, amirite?)

Each member of Lazer Team brought something awesome to the film and each character’s piece of the suit fitted them perfectly. Herman’s (Colton Dunn) super boots were a source of great amusement. Having to be the one to do all the running around was difficult for him (but hilarious for the audience) as he was the unhealthiest member of Lazer Team. Dunn’s comedic timing was impeccable and all of his lines were delivered perfectly. Woody’s (Gavin Free) helmet was the worst part of the suit in my opinion, seeming only to exist to move the plot forward and to allow Free his British accent back. Woody was a nice reflection of Free’s RT personality as the smart dumb guy, therefore the helmet was perfect for him and when it wasn’t used to move the plot forward, Woody in the helmet was pretty entertaining. Hagan was a great character and I completely forgot it was Burnie I was watching for most of the film. His part of the suit – the shield – symbolised control and protection. Hagan (Burns) is the natural leader of the team and is already established as a person of authority by his job as a cop. This can be mirrored with Zach (Jones) and his laser, which leaves him one-handed and unable to use it accurately or safely. This part of the suit symbolises Zach’s reckless nature, a direct opposite of Hagan and his part of the suit.

At first I thought it would be cringe and it would completely interrupt the storyline seeing all the RT faces popping up every now and then but honestly, I thought the movie was great, if a little cheesy at times. The subtle nods towards RT were like little rewards for being a fan and didn’t distract from the plot at all and seeing famous faces on the big screen shows just how far RT has come.


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