Reading Challenge 2016 – Our Endless Numbered Days

So, as you all know, I’m doing the 2016 Reading Challenge! The book I have just finished reading is Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller.


This book was recommended to me, along with The Unseeing by Anna Mazzola, by one of my lecturers at university and both of the stories sounded so intriguing I bought them straight after my lecture. Anna Mazzola read a few chapters of her book in a lecture and if you love historical fiction or have read the Suspicions of Mr Whicher I highly recommend looking it up! The Unseeing doesn’t come out until July though, sob!

Anyway, back to Our Endless Numbered Days. This book is incredible. Even though I mostly guessed where the ending was going, when I got there I was still massively moved. I had to lie down for a little while just to recover! Our Endless Numbered Days tells the story of Peggy alternating between past and present as she deals with being taken from her childhood home by her father and is told that the world has ended.

I struggled with the beginning a little but this was mostly down to eagerness to know the full story. I toyed with reading the last page to settle down my eagerness but ultimately decided against and I am SO glad I did! I seem to have an annoying habit of being too eager for the ending. I think now that I’ve finished the book I’ll be able to go back to the beginning and appreciate it a little more.

I could not put this book down, I was completely hooked! Depsite having a stack of uni work to complete, nuermous academic books to read and essays to write, I managed to get through it in a week. Claire Fuller writes so vividly yet subtly at the same time, painting an amazing picture in your head and allowing you to work out the minor details for yourself. This is a classic example of being shown the story rather than being told and it was done so brilliantly.

2016 reading challenge.png

Our Endless Numbered Days checks off a ‘book by an unfamiliar author’ and ‘a book that will be a complete mindfuck’.

My next book is a Short Story Anthology put together by Fresher Pubishing. The stories are the winning titles from the Fresher Writing Prize 2015. One of my assignments due in the next few weeks will be entered into the competition and I along with 3 other people will be entering a competition to design the 2016 edition’s cover as well!

Stay tuned!


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