Award shows: Are they pointless?

Ever since the Oscars and Leonardo DiCaprio won his first (well deserved) Oscar, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media and heard a lot of comments about how ridiculous these award shows are. It seems a lot of people believe that people who work in the film industry use these awards to show off how fantastic they are.

I disagree. Everyone in the film industry works hard to entertain us, Leo slept inside animal carcasses for goodness sake! But it’s not just the actors and actresses it’s the directors, costume and so much more that are celebrated at award shows. So if they work hard why shouldn’t they receive a commendation for their work? There are awards for virtually every type of business, for example, awards for marketing agencies and farmers. Why are the Oscars or the Brit awards any different?

On another note, why are the actors and actresses always blamed for how ridiculous these shows are? They don’t choose if they’re nominated or win an Oscar. They’re just doing their job which they’ve worked hard to get into because it’s not exactly easy to break out into acting!

Another thing I often hear is that the money spent on award shows should go to charity instead. But the cost of the award shows it’s not down to the actors and actresses and if you actually research this a little, you’ll see that the majority of the top actors and actresses do already donate a hefty amount of their pay check to charities. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio donated $7 million to ocean conservation among many other things.

All in all, it’s not the fault of actors and actress’ fault that the profession they are in is one that makes and spends so much money. Actors and actresses – not to mention directors and costume designers – deserve to have their work celebrated just as much as everyone else who have award ceremonies. The lives of celebrities are publicised so much because of films and music, it’s only natural that their award ceremonies are televised as well. Sure, there’s many things wrong with award shows, such as the lack of diversity (although in my personal opinion this issue is down to the casting directors) and the obsession with what women are wearing (worst dressed lists need to not exist) but the existence of award shows is not one of them.

So everyone should just chill and be happy for the winners. Especially Leo.



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