My Week So Far – My 21st Birthday Week (14th-20th March)

Yesterday (19th March) was my 21st birthday! And to celebrate such a big birthday milestone, I went all out with my celebrations. Here’s what I had planned: bowling, playzone, Harvester, Chiquito’s, getting a tattoo and visiting a farm.

On Monday (14th March), with my uni friends, I went bowling, to Harvester and then back to the house I share with them to play a few rounds of Drawful and Quiplash. I love bowling, even if I am so so bad at it! I’m pretty sure I came last in both of the games we played, but I had a good time and that’s all that counts! Harvester has a new menu and, for possibly the first time ever, I tried something new that wasn’t a burger! I had the BBQ Chicken Stack and it was incredible! The only part of Harvester that was disappointing was the fact that the salad bar was a little lacking. After Harvester, the plan was to play Drawful and Quiplash (if you haven’t heard of them, you should 1000% look them up because they’re hilarious) which we did for a little bit, but after eating masses of delicious food everyone virtually went into a food coma. We made up for it though on Thursday,  playing Drawful adn Quiplash along with Cards Against Humanity and a few glasses of Pimms!

Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday I was in essay hell so part 2 of my birthday celebrations were on Friday (18th March). With my friends from home, we decided to go to an adult night at Playzone! We haven’t seen each other in so long so it was awesome to see them again and I literally had the best time! Somehow with surprisingly little convincing I went down all of the massive slides. I think the buy on get one free offer on the alcohol might’ve had something to do with that, though! Two days later and I’m aching like I’ve just run a marathon and I didn’t think I’d exerted myself too much, but I guess that’s a consequence of getting older! I had so much fun, although I’m not convinced that mixing alcohol and running around at a soft play is the best idea!


I spent the morning of my actual birthday with my parents, opening presents and talking about how none of us can actually believe I’m 21! Around midday, I went to the local farm with my boyfriend Jon because we both love animals and at Longdown they let you hold chicks which is the cutest thing. It seems March is the best time to go, as most of the animals had given birth in the last few weeks and there were piglets, chicks, ducklings, goat kids and baby donkeys! Cute animals are my weakness and I nearly died of adorableness they were so cute! Almost every celebration, Jon and I go somewhere that has animals and it is one of my favourite things to do! In the evening, we went out to Chiquito’s, a Mexican restaurant with my parents, cousin and auntie. The food was amazing and there was just the right amount of food which meant we could all finish and have room for pudding without the food coma and bloatedness. The main reason I chose to go to Chiquito’s is because I’d seen photos on Facebook of people at the restaurant wearing sombreros, I love wearing silly hats and taking funny photos so I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste! Of course, no one else really wanted to wear the hats apart from for a few photos but that didn’t bother me, I wore the sombrero the whole time on my own! I even took it home, although I’m not 100% sure if that was allowed.

My birthday celebrations aren’t over yet, though! Today (20th March) is my Dad’s birthday so the rest of my family are coming over tonight to celebrate both our birthdays and I have my tattoo booked for Wednesday! So far my birthday has been incredible and I’ve gotten so many lovely cards and presents (including a t-shirt with a Triceratops on!) from everyone! I am seriously so lucky to have such great family, friends and boyfriend to celebrate such a big milestone with.


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