21 Goals for Being 21

I just turned 21 and recently had a massive think about life and what I want to do and who I would like to be. So here’s my goals for the next year!

  1. Be a yes woman

I have a horrible habit of turning down most things that involve socialising because of my shyness and awkwardness. But no more! One of my goals for the next year is to go out and enjoy myself more because I’m not going to be 21 forever.


  1. Forgive but don’t forget

There’s no point holding onto grudges and being mad about things forever, but it’s important to remember what you’ve forgiven so you don’t have the same thing happen to you again. I’m like Queen of grudge holding but I’m working on letting the grudges go.


  1. Make your own happiness

I have a tendency to rely on other people for my emotional state and let them control my feelings. But I’ve realised that I have to make my own happiness and that I don’t actually have to let the way other people act bother me. Whatever has upset me right now probably won’t matter next year, so why waste time on it now?


  1. Make your own entertainment

Pretty much the same as above, other people aren’t around for my entertainment. It’s down to me to entertain myself, not anyone else.


  1. Realise that people don’t owe you shit

I’ve spent a lot of time expecting other people to treat me the way I’d like to be treated or the way I treat them. People don’t owe you shit, so don’t expect them to!


  1. Life is too short

This is something I’ve most definitely learned the past 3 years but not really something I’ve put into practise and I definitely should. When I look back at my life I don’t want to remember the nights I spent alone just sitting about on my laptop, because that is pretty sad. I gotta seize the day and all that jazz! (this is kinda similar to #1 but oh well!)


  1. Be more grateful

Sometimes life is shit, that’s a given but there’s still so much to be grateful for when it is. My life could be way worse and it pays to remember that sometimes.


  1. Be nicer

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I have a habit of closing myself off and distancing myself with people and I need to make more of an effort.


  1. Enjoy the little things

I saw an amazing quote the other day that said how the little things end up being the most important memories (of course I can’t find it now though). The little things are what count so they need to be appreciated more.


  1. Go outside more

Though there is no wifi outside there is sunshine! My goal for the rest of this year is to force myself outside more because I do enjoy when I’m out there it’s just hard convincing myself to go out sometimes!


  1. Acceptance

Basically need to accept everything, especially change, who I am and if I fail at something. There’s no point fighting against those things because they will happen anyway.


  1. Fix things that you aren’t happy with instead of just moaning

I am literally in control of my own life, so if there’s something I’m not okay with I can just change it rather than moaning and doing nothing!


  1. Have the best summer

This one is tricky but I want to do a bunch of cool things with the people I care about and I’m determined to do so!


  1. Be more confident

Self-explanatory really this one!


  1. Stick to your guns

Basically, I need more willpower!!


  1. Practice self-love

This one ties in with acceptance and confidence, I need to learn to love myself the way I am! Because I am perfect the way I am (see #21).

love yourself

  1. Think before you speak

I have such bad word vomit and a poor brain to mouth filter as well as really terrible explanatory skills all teamed with constant over thinking and paranoia. Pretty important one this one! At the moment I spend most of life like this:


  1. Be less controlled

I like order, routine, plans and lists, I’m not too good with spontaneity but I find sometimes planning too much can be disappointing. When you’ve spent hours planning something and then it doesn’t match up in real life it kinda sucks. A lot.


  1. Train your brain: less judgements

Judgey-ness is natural and something you have to unlearn and work at. We can’t know the full reason behind what anyone does so we can’t accurately judge.


  1. Stick up for yourself more

I have a horrible habit of just dealing with the things people say or do and then getting upset and annoyed later on when nothing can be done to change it. I need to stop being such a doormat!

stick up for ypurself

  1. I am perfect just the way I am

This is something I need to remind myself daily. Being me is enough and if it isn’t enough for people then I don’t need them!


fyi – none of the images are my own



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