My Week So Far: 21st-27th March

Even though I’m on Easter break from university, I have a mountain of dissertation work to do before I go back. I have less than two months before the deadline and I’m ever so slightly freaking out.

So while this week has been pretty quiet, the things that did happen were amazing!

I got my second tattoo this week, which was my 21st birthday present from my parents. The tattoo came out looking better than the picture and even though it hurt about 20 times more than my first tattoo, it was definitely worth it! I had seen a tattoo chart saying that the lower stomach is about 4 stars of pain and the upper thigh is 2 stars. My first tattoo is on my lower stomach and I didn’t think it was particularly painful so I thought this one would be somewhat similar, hopefully, less painful. I was so wrong. It hurt so much more than my previous one!


Another exciting thing that happened this week was that I attended the Dorset Higher Education Exhibition at Bournemouth University with Ansbury, the charity I work for as a Marketing Assistant. Now I know this doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but I got to wear this name badge:


Seeing Marketing Assistant written below my name made me unbelievably happy and it made me realise how hard I’ve worked this year and that it’s paid off as my dream career is virtually in my hand. Sure I only work part time and at home at the moment but I’m doing something that I love and what I want to do before I’ve even graduated and seeing my dream job title on a name badge that belonged to me, really hit that home! If you fancy seeing the Facebook and Twitter posts from the day, check out the pages here and here!

This weekend was also Easter! I successfully made myself feel sick by 1’o’clock after eating a giant kinder egg in one go, I think that’s the quickest I’ve felt sick on Easter so maybe no kinder eggs next year! I spent the morning with my parents, grandparents, uncle, his wife and my baby cousin. I don’t see my baby cousin Freddie much so it was awesome to see him this morning, have a cuddle and take a few photos! I finished off Easter Sunday with my parents and auntie, eating a massive roast and drinking a few glasses of wine!

Even though it’s been quiet, it’s been a great week! Next week is set to be great as well, I’m going on a pub crawl from Ashurst to Totton so I will have some great photos to share from that and I’ve got the bulk of my dissertation work for over Easter done so I can chill out!


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