30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1: Your Blog’s Name

Hi there! Welcome to another challenge I’m taking on! This time, it’s the 30 day blog challenge! I’m mix and matching two different lists together as I didn’t like all of the days. To get involved or see what posts are coming next, here and here are the two lists I will be using. I haven’t forgotten about the Reading Challenge, I’m still making my way through the Fresher collection of short stories.

Day 1 is about the name of my blog, so here we go.

I chose the name of Trisarahtops for my blog as it’s a little joke I’ve always had with the people close to me and even a nickname I went by for about a week in school before everyone forgot. I’ve always said that the Triceratops dinosaur is my favourite dinosaur because my name, Sarah, is in the middle of it when you say it out loud. It’s got to the point now that whenever a Triceratops is mentioned online or is on TV, someone shouts ‘it’s you’. This happened when I watched Jurassic World recently, I am just in love with the baby Triceratops in the film, they’re so cute!


So that’s how I chose my blog name! I also wanted to have an excuse to use the photo I’d taken with a Triceratops animatronic at Longleat Safari Park last summer and create a cute little purple Triceratops to have as the logo for my blog.



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