Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

Here’s Day 2 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge: 20 facts about me

  1. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Though I’d better start with a boring one!
  2. I have two tattoos. If you’ve read my other posts you probably already know this one!
  3. I am 5ft3ish. I’m pretty teeny in every way and it gets commented on a lot, which I find really annoying. I’m probably going to do a post about the whole skinny shaming vs fat shaming debate at some point!
  4. I have a pretty awesome boyfriend and some pretty amazing friends! I have no idea where I would be without any of them and I love them a lot.

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  5. I am a student at Bournemouth University studying Communication and Media. This course is all things media and broad enough to give me a range of options for when I graduate in the summer
  6. I love to write! I love writing just about anything and everything from blog posts to stories, even lists, you name it!
  7. I am an only child. Growing up could get pretty lonely sometimes, I’m kind of really needy, clingy and hate being alone and I’ve always felt bad for leaving my parents alone but it’s also had its upsides! Because there is only one of me, I am pretty spoiled and I’ve not had to share my things, my parent’s attention (and finances) with anyone which has been pretty good. I haven’t had to deal with the sibling drama I’ve witnessed others deal with and I’m super close to my mum!
  8. I’m left handed. Somehow I escaped being forced to use my right hand in infant school like some people in my class did. Left handed people are supposed to be more creative and that does sort of apply to me as I enjoy creative writing…whether I’m good at it or not is a different story! Left-handed people make up about 5-10% of the population, which is pretty cool.
  9. I love animals! I love going to zoos and farms (provided they are good ones) and just being around animals. Owls are also my favourite animal.12921978_1145684602109670_950633529_o
  10. There hasn’t been a day in my life where I haven’t had some kind of pet! At one point our house had 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 gerbils, 2 rabbits, a budgie and loads of fish! Currently, we have 2 budgies and 2 chickens and at some point this year I’ll be getting a hedgehog! The green one is Lilo and the blue is Stitch.IMG_2272
  11. I have anxiety. For as long as I can remember I’ve gotten overly worked up about little things, constantly over thinking and convincing myself of the worst thing that could ever happen. This year I’ve taken certain steps to try and overcome it, such as drinking less alcohol, not being around particular people and using techniques to calm myself down when I need to.
  12. I am very very shy. I really struggle with meeting new people and knowing what to say to start conversations and I think this one is tied in with my anxiety as I over think everything I saw before and after I say it.
  13. I love Disney. Who doesn’t?
  14. I love crime fiction. Murder mystery books, tv shows, films, documentaries, games I love it all and I love writing it too! Recently I watched Making a Murderer on Netflix and I was immersed, it was so interesting. I also read and then watched the BBC adaptation of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, which is also amazing and I definitely recommend it.
  15. I am a marketing assistant. Last year I did a 6-week work placement as a marketing assistant for a careers advice charity and I absolutely fell in love with it. Before then I hadn’t been sure about what I wanted to do after uni but I definitely found the career for me during my placement! The company decided to keep me on after my 6 weeks were up as a part time assistant and I’ve loved every minute of it!
  16. I love mini golf. I’m terrible but I love it and play it as much as I can with my boyfriend. I haven’t played yet this year but it’s getting warmer so I hope it’ll be soon!
  17. I am a feminist. I’ll probably give this one its own post later on as it’s such a large topic.
  18. I have a huge weakness for candles. My boyfriend regularly has to pull me away to stop me buying candles I don’t need. It’s just my luck that a Yankee Candle shop has opened in the big shopping centre in my home town!
  19. Reality TV is my favourite. I know it’s terrible and I try to avoid watching it because I get SO addicted!
  20. I cry a lot at films. I will cry at pretty much anything, I’ve cried at least once through every one of the recent Marvel films. Especially if a guy is crying or a dog dies.

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