Day 3: Your Favourite Quote

I don’t really have a favourite quote per say but I like these two quotes a lot as there both things I need to remind myself frequently.


I complain a lot! Like really a lot, but I don’t consider myself to be unhappy or anything. Most of the time, if something annoys me, I have to express it and then I get over it as soon as I’ve finished speaking. Some things are not that easy to just get over and I have a tendency to complain, complain and complain and not doing anything about it which is just a vicious cycle.


This one is sort of similar as the main thing I complain about but am not willing to change is how some people treat me. Most of the time I just write it off as me being overly sensitive, but there are some occasions where it is necessary to walk away and that’s not something I should feel bad for!


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