My Week So Far: 28th March -3rd April

This week has been somewhat eventful!

The week started off with a pub crawl for one of my friend’s 21st birthday. There are normally 12 pubs on the crawl but the last few times we’ve done it two of the pubs have been closed. According to Google maps, the walk from the first pub to the last is just over 2 hours. The crawl is normally easier to complete when there are only 10 pubs but for some reason we only made 8 this time – maybe it’s because we’re getting old! Either way, it was still a great day and for the first time in forever everyone was together which was really awesome.


The next day we met up again to celebrate another friend’s 21st! We played Cards Against Humanity and Cockroach Poker (if you haven’t heard of these you should definitely check them out because they’re amazing!) and ate food. We also had stick on moustaches!


The weather is slowly getting warmer so yesterday my boyfriend and I ventured out for a walk in The New Forest. Everywhere in The New Forest is truly beautiful and filled with wildlife! We saw loads of ducks and geese including some ducklings which were tiny! We also saw some New Forest ponies, donkeys and alpacas. The donkeys were incredibly friendly, rubbing themselves along my car and following us around which was very cute. Of course, they were probably hoping we had food! I love alpacas as well and for the first time, I saw a baby one which is called a cria. Baby animals are absolutely my weakness.

Also this week I started the 30 day blogging challenge, which you can find here. 2 days in and I’m enjoying it but now I realise that starting it the month before my dissertation is due is probably not the smartest idea, but oh well!

Hope you’ve had an awesome week too!


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