Day 10: Best Trip of your Life

I love Disney so naturally my answer is my holiday to Orlando, Florida! I’ve been 4 times before and I’m going back again in the summer.

My whole family love going to Florida so we always have the best time. I haven’t been on holiday for a long time but I’d rather go to Florida every 4 or so years than just going to a hot country for the sake of it. I don’t have many digital photos from my Florida holidays as most of the times I went phones and cameras weren’t everyday items, which is really weird to think about! I do have one on my laptop however as the last time we went was 2011, but it’s the most awful photo ever so I’m not posting it online!

I love everything about Florida, I can’t choose my favourite park as I love them all in different ways. I’m not a big rollercoaster fan but I will go on them if I’m forced too but there’s still so much other stuff to enjoy, it’s a holiday suited to everyone. One of the best things about Orlando is that the parks are constantly changing and adding new attractions and as I haven’t been in 5 years, there will be all new stuff to enjoy as well as the old classics. I’m pretty bummed that the Jaws ride has gone as it was one of my favourites (I don’t care if everyone thinks it was lame, I loved it) but the fact that it’s been replaced with an extension of the Harry Potter World section is very exciting!

Every time we’ve visited we’ve gone to SeaWorld but this was before Blackfish was released and the world realised that SeaWorld is kind of terrible. I am more than likely going again this year but I want to see SeaWorld with a different mindset and possibly take photos and blog about what I’ve seen so I can make a proper judgement. Most of what I’ve seen online about SeaWorld is people who are against the company’s opinion so it will be good to be able to make up my own mind about everything once I’ve seen it again for myself.

I’ve got so many great memories with my parents, cousins and family friends so my 4 holidays to Florida – they all merge into 1 now – go together as the best trip of my life!


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