My Week So Far: 4th-10th April

This week has been a quiet one!

I’ve spent most of this week finishing off my second chapter for my dissertation as I have to send it off today (Sunday) to be read by my dissertation supervisor. Although my dissertation is the source for most of my stress at the moment, I’m actually really enjoying writing it as my dissertation focuses on the captivity debate surrounding SeaWorld and how it is published over social media. There’s so much to talk about that I’m at risk of going over the 10,000 word limit. I’ve only got 1,200 words left for my introduction, chapter 1 and 2 with loads left to say!

So, this week my boyfriend, Jon, got a tattoo! It looks awesome and took over 2 hours to do. The picture isn’t particularly great as I took this straight after it was done so it’s red, swollen and a bit darker than it will be once it heals, but you get the idea.


After I got my recent tattoo, I decided that I wasn’t going to get another one for a while as it was pretty painful but after being there while Jon got his has made me want another! I was planning on getting the Deathly Hallows symbol back in January so I’ll probably get that in the next few weeks!

Next week, I go back to Bournemouth for my last two months EVER, so I caught up and had dinner on Friday night with two friends before we all go back. We went to the Handmade Burger Co, which is delicious and pretty cheap for the size of the portions! The best part about the restaurant is the 15% off you get as a student! It was so good to meet up with my friends before we all retreat into dissertation hell and I had a great time!


Saturday was the Grand National horse race and for the first time in a long time I decided to put a bet on. I bet on 3 horses, Many Clouds, Shut the Front Door and Aachen. Many Clouds came 16th after being in the lead for a while toward the end, Aachen stopped at the 22nd jump and Shut the Front Door finished 9th. Immediately after I felt a bit guilty as I remembered how many horses die in horse race events and the Grand National is supposed to be one of the most difficult tracks (I’m probably going to do a separate post about this), but I was pleased to hear that all the horses made it back safely!

For my last day in Southampton before I go back to uni I’m just going to hang out with my parents and finish off my dissertation chapter to be sent off tonight! Hope your week has been great and that next week is a good week for you too!



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