Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits

Living as a student I find that I’m not healthy in many ways, but there are a few things I do/am planning to do that could be considered to be healthy…maybe?

  1. Next week I’m planning on starting yoga to give my mind a break from my dissertation and do some exercise at the same time. Whether I actually go or not is a different story but I want to get back into yoga again.


  1. Eating salad. I absolutely adore salad, I would eat it every day if salad stuff didn’t go out of date so quickly!


  1. Fitness videos. I follow a few of fitness accounts on Instagram (my favourite is Homesquats) and YouTube (I loooove Blogilates). I try to do some of the videos as much as I can. Planking and squats are my favourite exercises as my bum and abs are the two areas I want to get more toned and they’re pretty easy to do once you get into it.

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