Day 15: Where Will You Be in 5 Years?

In 5 years, I will be 26. That’s terrifying to think about!

My main goal is to be surrounded by pets! I definitely want to have at least 2 dogs, a hedgehog and maybe a gecko or a tortoise or something similar. I can’t decide which breed of dog I would like, I’m torn between a French bulldog, a dachshund, a boxer or a beagle so I might just have all of them because I love dogs. Hopefully, I’d be in my own house, either rent or bought I’m not fussed and living with my boyfriend.

I’d also like to be working in the marketing industry and be able to afford expensive 5* holidays. I know most people want to travel, but I do not have that desire at all. I totally get the wanting to see the world thing, I’d like to do that too but I’d much rather go on excursions or day trips and be able to go back to a comfy hotel room after and drink some cocktails by a pool.


So I would like to have a house, pets, a job in the marketing industry and go on nice holidays!


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