Day 17: Your Favourite Blogs

I’m finding it really hard to think of blogs that I like, I normally just read blogs when I see them, rather than actually looking for them.

Before I created a WordPress, I spent a lot of time on the Tumblr, another blogging site. Tumblr is mainly used for photo sharing so I mainly followed blogs dedicated to my favourite celebrities. I don’t tend to use Tumblr very much anymore but my three favourite blogs are: Bam Margera Daily, Zefron Love and Tom Hardy Dot Org

The blog I’m completely obsessed with at the moment is the Hello Magazine blog by Giovanna Fletcher, author and wife of Tom Fletcher from McFly. Both of them use social media a lot with vlogs, blogs and updates of their life.

I absolutely and unashamedly love reality TV, especially Teen Mom, so I always read the blogs and updates about the girls on the show. Most of the blog titles are really clickbaity so it’s kind of hard not to want to read them! The main two I read are here and here.

Other blogs I like are dedicated to updating readers on animals at zoos. I always read the Longleat and Marwell blogs when they’re shared on Facebook.

Two more blogs everyone should absolutely check out is my housemate Laura’s and Ansbury’s careers advice blog! There’s no posts on Laura’s blog yet but there will be and a few of the posts on the Ansbury blog are mine, but mostly my job is to edit what someone else at Ansbury has written and upload that!

What blogs do you think I would like? Let me know in the comments!


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