My Week So Far: 11th-17th April

Another week filled with dissertation work…yay!

Although I spent most of the week working on my dissertation, there were 2 days where I did other things that were far more fun!

On Wednesday, I visited Longleat Adventure and Safari Park with my boyfriend. I absolutely love this place! The animal enclosures are so massive and the animals have places to hide if they want to and you can drive round the safari park and have all sorts of animals up close to your car. This is one of the only zoos I have been to where I’ve seen animals actually running around and engaging in normal behaviour. If you have never been to Longleat, I absolutely recommend it because there is nowhere else like it.

The safari park has a monkey drive thru which is optional as the monkeys will tear anything and everything off your car. Every time I’ve visited Longleat, the only thing that’s been taken off my car is my aerial bobble, but this time, they peeled big rubber strips off the roof of my car! I did have some photos of them on top of my car but my phone isn’t working properly and decided to delete them. I wasn’t too pleased about what the monkeys did but it was easy to put back on and to be honest my own fault for driving through!

While driving through the camel, gazelle, ostrich and rhino section, we witnessed a camel chasing one of the rhinos across the field which was pretty hilarious to see. After being chased, the rhino stopped next to my car and almost put its horn inside my car window. This was both amazing and terrifying!

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(not all of these photos were taken on the same day)

Also at Longleat is a penguin walkthrough where the penguins can wander about with you as you walk through part of their enclosure, but they also have the option to going where people can’t so if they want to be alone they can. You can get pretty close for some good selfies but only as close as is comfortable for them, if you get too close they start trying to nibble you! One of my favourite parts of the park is the jungle cruise, which is a boat ride across a lake where sea lions, hippos, and pelicans are. There are gorilla islands on the lake as well, Nico the 50 something-year-old silverback gorilla on his own little island and a group of three brothers in another section just on the edge of the lake. The gorillas are close enough to see but far away enough to enjoy their own space. On this boat ride, you can also feed the sea lions fish for a pound which is fun. Another one of my favourite parts is feeding the lorikeets, you get given little pots of nectar and the birds come down, sit on your hand and eat. I love this part because the birds will sit on any part of you they can for a chance to get at the nectar and it’s a pretty good photo opportunity as well!

Also, this week I went for my first proper swim in years! I’d forgotten how relaxing swimming is and I’m pretty sure it works out most of your muscle?. The gym closest to me is more like a spa than an actual pool: it was warm, had a sauna and steam room and quite possibly the poshest changing rooms I’d ever been in. It was £12.50 for a swim which is so expensive but it was obvious why because the centre was more like a hotel than a gym.



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