Day 22: Your Worst Habits

My worst habits are definitely over thinking and only ever half completing chores around the house.

I always over think about the silliest situations and drive myself crazy with the possible outcome! It’s seriously exhausting especially because the over thinking mostly happens at night. However, I’m in the process of breaking this habit though so hopefully I won’t have to put myself through this anymore!

My other worst habit is half completing chores and being a bit messy. My mum and boyfriend call me ‘half a job Sarah’ or ‘half a job Bob’ because I always leave my clothes on the floor or wash up and then not dry up. I always get round to finishing the job, I just don’t do it all in one go! I’m really messy when it comes to my possessions and chores but when it comes to my desk with uni work or when I’m at work, everything has a place and is always tidy!

What are some of your worst habits?


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