Day 23: If I Won the Lottery

I would buy myself a nice big house in the country and then go off on holiday! Oh and probably buy myself a whole new wardrobe.

I’ve always wanted to live in a house in the country but it’s pretty expensive and it would have to be somewhere that’s still close to the local city and has decent signal and wifi! I’d also love the chance to able to fully furnish the house with anything and everything, which is probably a lot easier when money is no object!

I don’t know where I would go on holiday, I just know I would go on one or three! I would love to go whale watching and see the Northern Lights in Iceland, a safari in Africa and maybe to Australia as well. Or a cruise might be fun too, but if I won the lottery I could do it all!

I realise that’s pretty selfish but if I ever did win a lot on the lottery, then there would be more than enough to share it with my family and do other great things with it.


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