Day 25: My Biggest Regret

My biggest regret is kind of a continuous one.

I always regret not saying exactly how I feel in the moment, like if someone’s upset or annoyed me then I normally just keep quiet and say nothing. The issue with this is that I end up staying upset and not getting over it as the problem has not been dealt with. There are things that happened years ago that still bother me a bit because I never spoke up.

The few times I have tried to tell people that what they’ve done or said has upset me, it’s gone completely pear shaped and damaged my relationship with that person. I always find it really hard to say how I feel unless I’m 100% comfortable with someone and in the moment when you’re upset things come out wrong and get taken the wrong way.

Sometimes I feel like it’s just easier to keep your feelings to yourself but then that’s damaging to me. Although it’s hard and I definitely need to make more of an effort to be honest when I’m upset, it is always good to know who in your life is going to  apologise and who is going to turn it around on you.  no-ragrets-tattoo-big

(I missed yesterday’s day, oops!)


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