A Little Update…

It’s officially 20 days until my dissertation so I’ve decided to slow down the blog posts until the deadline has passed. I have two other assignments that are due the week after as well so I’m pretty much snowed under at the moment spending all my free time in the library (I’m here right now…on a Sunday). I have got some blog posts scheduled for this month that I wrote a little while ago so I won’t be totally radio silent!

As far as how my dissertation is going I’ve got less than 1000 words to go and I’m starting to panic that I’m going to go over the word limit and not know where to cut words out. I’ve still got a little while to perfect it so hopefully it works out okay!

Aside from the deadline for my dissertation and finishing my last ever semester at university, this month I will helping out at the Fresher Writing Awards! As part of one of my unit’s assignments, we have to create a marketing strategy, a press release and a book cover for the Fresher Writing 2016 Anthology. The anthology will be sold on the night and as part of the events management team, my job is to create posters and sell books on the night! The Awards are on the 19th May at the Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth and I’ll be doing a blog about the event afterwards with all the winners and such! Below is a list of the prizes and here’s a link to the shortlisted entries, not all of them have been released yet.

  1. Poetry prize
  2. Student prize
  3. Scriptwriting prize
  4. Creative non-fiction prize
  5. 500 words prize
  6. Short story prize 

See you all on the other side!


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