Sanitary Owl: Service Review

The other day I saw an advert on Facebook for a company called Sanitary Owl. I love owls and puns, so I was immediately drawn to the advert and I really liked what I found!

Basically, the company post out monthly boxes of sanitary items with everything you need for just £3.99. The maximum products you can order are 18 tampons and 18 sanitary towels for £3.99. The prices at Asda typically range from £1.50 to £3.00 for packets of about 14-20 tampons and sanitary towels, so with the added bonus of not having to go out and buy the products, Sanitary Owl is cheaper and easier.

But that’s not all you get with a Sanitary Owl box. You can get a chocolate bar (a Lindt one no less), small lined pads and paracetamol for an extra 99p and a couple of heat pads for an extra couple of quid. They also have a wide range of products from the moon cup (something I actually own but have been too nervous to try), reusable pads and something called a first period box. This box is specifically designed for the very first period and includes items such as guide leaflets, a book on puberty, period sports pants, and a wide range of tampons and pads suitable for early menstruation.

When my order arrived, I was very impressed with the discreet outer packaging and the simple, delicate and personalised interior. I’m not sure what I was expecting but the packaging definitely exceeded my expectations!

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Another great thing about Sanitary Owl is that they do an immense amount of charity work. They work with St Mungo’s, Awareness Through Dance and Afripads, helping people better cope with their periods. Periods are bad enough without homelessness and poverty so Sanitary Owl’s work with these charities are another great reason to support them!

Their website also features a ton of blog posts and information for teenagers, which is really useful. Not everyone has a parental figure they can talk to about these things and the sex education at school is generally pretty useless, which leaves a lot of young people using Google to find out things and the Internet isn’t the most reliable place!

The only downside to Sanitary Owl is that it could encourage embarrassment of going out and buying sanitary items, something we should NOT be embarrassed about at all. But I have to admit it is a hell of a lot easier and cheaper having this box just fly through the post on the same day every month! This is definitely a service I will keep using!

To get your first Sanitary Owl box for 99p, use my unique referral code here: SANOWL311288 and visit 




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