Summer Wardrobe Wish List

Every year when summer rolls around I get the urge to go shopping and buy a whole new wardrobe, especially when I have a holiday booked!

I went through my summer wardrobe recently to see if I needed any clothes for my holiday and when I did I found I had enough clothes for a 3 month holiday. Still hasn’t stopped me looking at clothes or buying the odd thing here and there, oops!

I almost always have a few items of clothing that I want to buy but I’m not really sure I can afford or really need. Some of these items are out of stock but I still hope one day they will be available again!

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The dinosaur skirt from Black Milk Clothing can be found here and is definitely my favourite in this list but is sadly out of stock! The cat shorts are also from Black Milk Clothing, I love these shorts but they’re a tad expensive! The Marvel dress is from Etsy and I am completely in love with it, especially after seeing Civil War a few weeks ago (ah-mazing btw!). The crop top and the dungarees are both from New Look, I love crop tops but don’t wear them too often and I wish I could pull off dungarees but I look like a little kid in them!



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