Yesterday was a once in a lifetime experience for me, I went to my first (and now last as I have now finished university –sob-) Bournemouth Summer Ball!

Every year, to celebrate the end of the academic year, Bournemouth University hosts a festival party in a massive field. The Summer Ball is fancy dress themed and it was amazing how some people went all out for their costumes.


My housemate, Laura and I chose to go as Lilo and Stitch as we both love Disney and Lilo and Stitch is my favourite Disney film ever! I’m not the biggest fan of fancy dress and I’m always too lazy to bother putting a lot of effort in, luckily my half of the costume, Stitch, didn’t require a lot of effort! I already had the blue shorts and blue vest, I just needed to buy the hoodie!

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The Summer Ball itself was brilliant and I’m gutted I didn’t go to the previous years. Throughout the night, there were various artists playing in each of the dance tents and we were lucky enough to see MNEK and 99 Souls! Other artists included Fatman Scoop and Chipmunk who unfortunately we didn’t to see as finding which tent had which artist in at what time turned out to be too difficult to navigate, especially after a few bevs!

Out of all the costumes I saw all night, the group dressed as Lego Avengers really stood out for me! As you can see from the photos I was a bit excited about having a photo with Captain America and Spiderman!

Overall, I had an amazing time and got to round off the last three years with some awesome people! Thanks to everyone who made it so great!


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