I just watched the first episode of Roosterteeth’s new show Day 5 and I want to watch the rest of the series right now, please?!

Day 5 begins with Jake, a man who is slowly realising along with the audience that sleep equals death. On his journey to stay alive he finds Sam, a 13-year-old boy who like Jake is alone. Together they are desperately trying to stay alive using whatever methods they can…

Apocalyptic worlds are all the rage it seems these days, but Day 5 is completely different. The first episode was unlike any other show I have seen of this type and I loved it! Day 5 jumped straight in with the drama rather than opting for the tension building route most other shows go for (something I consider to be somewhat slow), so it was great to be thrown straight into the action!

Because Day 5 is so different to any other fictional apocalyptic world, the story has me gripped. Why is everyone dying in their sleep? Can you possibly learn how to live without sleep? Is there a cure? What’s going to happen to the main characters? All these unanswered questions are swimming around my brain and the only way to get them answered is to just wait…but the tension is too much!

I’m not sure how intentional it was (see the theory of intertextuality) but I noticed a few easter eggs from other post-apocalyptic shows and games. The main two I picked up on was the similarity in the establishing shots of the city to The Walking Dead and the reference to The Last of Us where Jake, who clearly adored his little sister Megan, transfers this adoration over to Sam.

The writing, directing and producing on Day 5 is so flawless I felt as if I’d known the characters for multiple seasons rather than a few minutes. In reality, I know nothing about them and as is the same with the story, I’m desperate to know more! I’m not going to go into the characters, if you want to know more about them you’ll have to watch the episode, which you can do at this link!

There’s no doubt about it: Day 5 has taken the apocalyptic genre to a whole new level.



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