Last week I got back from a family holiday to Orlando, Florida. The post-holiday blues are still strong!

This is mainly going to be a photo post, because talking about a holiday never quite does it justice, does it?

We stayed at the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa and wow! It was a beautiful hotel with huge rooms and the most amazing pirate themed pool with a pirate ship flume in the middle.

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My favourite place in Orlando is, obviously, Magic Kingdom! The atmosphere is incredible and if you’re a massive Disney lover like me, it’s just the place to be! The best part of the day was meeting Stitch and watching the electric light parade and the fireworks over the castle.

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Another favourite park of mine is Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure (kind of a two in one park) mainly because of the Harry Potter themed areas! Going on the Hogwarts Express was an incredible experience and my family kept laughing at me because of the look of awe on my face! I got to try Butterbeer fudge which was delicious and I got Harry’s wand!

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Another highlight was visiting Busch Gardens and going on the log flume. Neither my mum and I are any good with rides so the photo of us going down the slope is hilarious! The left log contains my mum and dad and the right one is me and my boyfriend Jon.

How can I write a blog post about Florida and not mention the food?! The portions are so much bigger in America as well as less healthy but the food just tastes so much better, especially for the burgers which were insane! I also experienced my first trip to IHOP and it was as delicious as I’d hoped it would be!


I went to so many other place in Florida and I would be here all day if I were to list them in detail! So I hope you enjoyed the highlights and enjoy looking at the rest of the photos here!

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I had the best holiday ever and I thoroughly recommend if you ever have the opportunity to go to Disneyland, go!


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