If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a number of tweets about Marwell’s Zany Zebra Trail! (If you don’t, here’s the link ;)…)

The Zany Zebra Trail is a trail of life size zebras that have been painted by a range of different businesses in the community. The purpose of the trail is to raise money for the conservation of Grevy’s Zebra and other wildlife as well as communities in northern Kenya.

You can either search for the zebras at Marwell Zoo in miniature version or for the large versions in the centre of Southampton using the paper maps or the app. The paper maps you can get from the zoo itself, online or from the Marlands Shopping Centre depending on how many are there left.

At first, I was a little apprehensive about being too old for the trail, but as I was going around, I noticed that it wasn’t just children but people of all ages were getting involved and excited about the zebras. Plus, everyone is playing Pokemon Go at the moment and it’s not that much different is it?

So, throughout Saturday afternoon I alternated between the Pokemon Go app and the Zany Zebras app, searching for the zebras in Southampton. I haven’t managed to find all of the zebras just yet, car parking in Southampton is pretty hefty and I don’t live close enough to drive, but I’m planning on going back and finding the rest! So far I’ve totalled 10,885 steps on the app in one day and I had a blast!

I took a few photos of my favourite zebras but I won’t share all of them as I don’t want to ruin it! (My face is so squinty because of the sun!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re able to get to Southampton, I definitely suggest checking out the Zany Zebra Trail, because it is very impressive and for a great cause!


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