Last week I finally started yoga! Here’s what I thought…

I’m always sceptical about going to the gym. I’m on the really slim side, so I’m always conscious of people looking at me, questioning why I’m there and assuming the worst. They’re probably not but it’s still in the back of my mind that they are. But at the end of the day, the facilities are for everyone and everyone needs to keep fit in order to be healthy, so I decided to grab the bull by the horns and just go.

I went with three of my close friends, which helped to ease the anxiety and, despite my initial reservations, I had a blast! The class was called Body Balance, but is basically Yoga mixed with Pilates. Suitable for all abilities, the instructor made sure to go through beginner and advanced versions of each move which made the class accessible for all. I was stunned to see how flexible some of the older women and gentlemen were; they definitely put me to shame!

Because I was nervous, at the beginning I got a few of the moves muddled up and had to keep looking around to make sure I was doing it right, which didn’t help with my nerves. Luckily I was tucked away in the back corner so it wasn’t too noticeable. My favourite move was one that is basically a plank, but you move your legs as though you’re running. This move worked the two muscles I’m desperate to get toned, my abs and my bum! It looks something like this:

yoga move

The end of the class was my favourite part: relaxation and meditation! That sounds really lazy, but meditating is a really useful skill to master, especially when you have a brain that never stops thinking, like I do. I find meditating affects me the same as ASMR does and I also find it to be similar to an out of body experience. When you’re in the meditating zone, you don’t fully realise how zoned out you are until you’re brought back into the room and you sit up.

Even though the class felt simple and dare I say it, easy, I still ached for a few days after. Although that could have something to do with the fact I (somehow) pulled a leg muscle doing a reverse plank the day before and went for a swim straight after the class. Or the fact that I’m hideously unfit, but who knows!


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