Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself first and focus on yourself over other people, I know I find this hard sometimes! To counteract this, I’m aiming to have one day a week where I focus solely on myself!

I decided on Sunday because I don’t work Sundays and rarely do anything on Sundays (they’re made for lounging in bed, right?) and of the alliteration.

Today is my first #SelfCareSunday and I’ve got a whole day planned.

First on my list was a lie in that left me feeling refreshed but that wasn’t too late so that Monday morning wouldn’t be hideously hard. Check! Second on my list was a face mask. I saw a video advert on Facebook for a deep cleansing face mask that cleared blackheads and dead skin in a way I’ve not seen before. Want to know what I thought? Tweet me!

Face mask

I’ve been meaning to watch the new series of Tattoo Fixers so next on my list was to catch up on the three episodes I’ve missed!

Image taken from the metro

My day has also included playing the Sims. I’ve lost count of how many hours I’ve played on this game over the years but it never seems to get old! I always find that controlling someone’s life on Sims and causing havoc is a good way to destress from real life.

sims 3

Looking at positivity quotes on Pinterest always puts me in a good mindset, especially when Monday morning is looming! Here are a few of my favourites from this week

Twitter chats are one of my favourite things to do at the moment but as I’m working full time and commuting an hour to and fro, I seem to miss a lot of them. Sundays (and late weeknights) have the chats I feel most comfortable in. My favourite chats to join are #TeacupClub #ChattyBees and #BeeChat!

What do you do as a form of self care? And what shall I do next week!?


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