Boxcitement Stationary Unboxing!

My Boxcitement Stationary box finally arrived! Ever since I ordered my first box, I’ve excitedly been awaiting its arrival.

I was surprised to see how small the box actually was, in my mind I had pictured a huge box! But then I realised the box has to fit through a letterbox for convenience and if it was any bigger the monthly price would be much more expensive! Besides, once I’d opened the box I was definitely not disappointed!

Upon opening my box, I was thrown back into memories of watching The Little Mermaid, as this month’s theme is Under the Sea. Confetti stars littered the first layer of the box showing how much the box designers had thought about every little thing.


This month’s box contained:

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I was delighted to see that Boxcitement didn’t limit themselves to just stationary. Included in this month’s box was a Deep Sea Salt pamper kit and a coral pendent. My favourite surprise in my box was definitely the notebook, with the notecards coming a close second. I adore notebooks and have a stash of them in my desk drawer just because they look nice and the first notecard had a cute whale on the front!

There’s always a worry with monthly box subscriptions that you’re going to get something you don’t like in it and as you’ve already paid there’s not a lot you can do about it. With Boxcitement, everything that came in the box I loved! As soon as I opened it, my mind was racing about how, where and when I could use everything!

If you’re a stationary lover too, head over to Boxcitement to order your first box because you won’t regret it!


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