Days Restaurant: Review

Days Restaurant is an all you can eat buffet style eatery with a range of cuisines from all around the world.

The interior was nothing like I expected it to be. For some reason, I always assume all you can eat buffets are a bit shoddy as they’re so cheap! I suppose having a negative opinion before visiting means I’m always impressed by what I see!


Not only was the interior beautiful, but the food was delicious too! I am a bit of a fussy eater so I didn’t get the full scope of what was on offer at Days. I stuck to the Chinese section and the pudding section! After three platefuls of Chinese food and half a slice of chocolate gateau, I could barely move. I well and truly put myself into a food coma! The jelly wasn’t mine but I had to include it as its just too cute!

If you’re not a fussy eater, then I would definitely recommend Days! Lunch will set you back £7.50 and dinner is £14.99, not including drinks.


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