Last weekend I experienced my first official festival! Well. Kind of.

I say kind of because the Bournemouth University end of year summer ball is basically a music festival and I only went to Reading Festival for a day. But I’m counting it as my first proper one anyway!

welcome to reading

So as you’ve probably guessed, I went to Reading Festival at the weekend and I had the best time! We chose to go just on Sunday because Sunday had the best artists we really wanted to see, the whole weekend was pretty pricey and to be honest, I’m not really a big camper.

The main act we wanted to see were Fall Out Boy and omg they were amazing! I had a croaky voice for the next few days from all the screaming! Obviously, Biffy Clyro, Good Charlotte, Sleeping with Sirens and the Vaccines were incredible too!

I’m still not entirely sure why A$AP Rocky was there, he definitely didn’t fit with anything else I saw that day, but he was the most popular artist that day (after Biffy Clyro of course, who were headlining). For some strange reason, A$AP Rocky kept trying to initiate mosh pits and the mosh pits were the most hilarious and pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. Although I can’t really comment because I was wearing a flower crown with neon paint on my face at Reading, which you could also argue doesn’t really fit in!

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But that wasn’t the strangest thing I saw! The weirdest thing I saw was a woman walking a T-rex on a stick across the field! I tried to get a photo but there were too many people around.

It wasn’t just the music that made the festival, the atmosphere was something else! There were so many people dancing around, singing together and just generally having a good time, it was really amazing to see! There is nothing quite like hearing thousands of people singing along to the same song.

I absolutely loved my festival experience and I’ve now got the festival bug! I’m already anxiously awaiting the line-up for next year and other festivals, I’m praying that All Time Low are going to be playing somewhere!

What festival do you think I should check out next?!


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