Earlier this year I realised that although I live only an hour and a half away from London and have been there various times, I’ve actually never officially seen the sights. So inspired by train tickets to London being more than half price, I decided to spend yesterday in London with my boyfriend Jon, seeing as much as we could in a single day.

I’m a bit of planner freak and like to have everything written down, so I printed a map of central London and marked all the places we wanted to see and go.

First on my map was the London Eye. I have actually seen this before but to get to the other places I wanted to go in London I’d have to go by it anyway! I’ve never gone up the London Eye however and I would like to but it’s always so busy and it’s pretty expensive.


Naturally, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament were next as they’re so close to the London Eye.


Buckingham Palace was next on the agenda and the one I was most excited about as I haven’t been there before now. The area around Buckingham Palace was packed full of people taking photos and selfies. To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed with the actual building because to me it looked a little grubby and not what I expected at all. I’m sure it’s incredible on the inside, though! Unfortunately, the changing of the guard  happens daily in the summer, the rest of the year it occurs only on alternate days and typically we visited on the ‘off’ day! Watching the guards that were there march up and down was still cool to see, however. My favourite part of Buckingham Palace was the streetlights (at least I think they were streetlights?) having little crowns on the top!

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After Buckingham Palace, we took a scenic route through Hyde Park and a few other parks to get to Harrods. Despite being a city with more than a little pollution problem, the parks are still beautiful, I especially loved the Rose Garden and the Princess Diana Memorial Walk.

Harrods completely blew me away. Not only was it so big that it required a map, but the inside was so intricate it was like walking through a museum. Naively, we decided to stop for a spot of lunch in Harrods only to find out we owed the Tom Dixon coffee shop £43 for two sandwiches and two drinks! :O That being said, the service was unreal and the sandwich was the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Of course, I had to buy something just to get a Harrods bag and treated myself to this super cute Harry Potter pen!


After getting severely lost in Harrods and forcing ourselves to not spend all of the money, we made our way to Downing Street. On the way, there were numerous phone booths with queues of people waiting to take photos of themselves posing with the phone! It was so bizarre to see something that is so common, be seen as a novelty to other people! I only got a good photo of the street name as it was impossible to get close enough as there were so many people around and from where we were stood we could only see 12 Downing Street.


Last on our list was Trafalgar Square. By this point, it had started raining and I was determined to have a photo sat either on or in front of a lion, even though I know you’re not supposed to. But because it was raining and I’m so short, I couldn’t climb up properly so had to settle for a picture in front of it instead.

21,000 steps later, it was time to go to the train station and head back home. Even though I was exhausted, I had a lovely day and I’m so glad I finally saw some of the sights I wanted to see! We also caught more than a few Pokemon as well! There are still more I want to visit so I’ll definitely be doing sightseeing part 2 at some point!



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