If you read my TBR post, you’ll know that The Unseeing  by Anna Mazzola was on my list! Well now I’ve finally read it and wow! I was blown away by the intricate detail and thought that must’ve gone into this book.

The book is centred around a woman – named Sarah – who has been arrested for the murder of another woman, along with her partner, James and a man, called Edmund, who has been hired to investigate the case. Sarah insists she is innocent but her story is a mystery that is set to be uncovered. Sarah is quiet and guarded, while Edmund seeks approval and justice for what he believes to be wrong above all.

So much detail has gone into this book; the descriptions of the settings were so vivid I could picture them clearly. The dreary London streets, the barren prison cell and the gallows when it was execution day (not a spoiler don’t worry!) were described so accurately I can still picture them now.

There are plenty of twists in the tale that kept me hooked throughout the entire story. I desperately wanted to know what had actually happened and what would happen to each character in the end, all I could think about everyday at work was getting home and getting my nose back in my book! Apart from the newest Harry Potter, I haven’t felt this addicted to a book like this for a very long time.

Each time new information came to light I changed how I thought the book would end, trying to come up with new theories. I was still completely wrong however and was completely shocked by the ending. Most books make the big plot twist too obvious, but Mazzola wrote it perfectly! The book that inspired The Unseeing is The Suspicions of Mr Whicher by Kate Summerscale, a book which did make the killer too obvious! While I loved both, I prefer to be left shocked at the ending.   

The rest contains spoilers, so beware! I definitely recommend giving The Unseeing a read, especially if you’ve read The Suspicions of Mr Whicher and love crime fiction.

How could I write a review and not mention the almost relationship between Sarah and Edmund? The developing relationship between the pair was so sad as it was clear they could never be together but all the same it was so nice to see them grow to care for each other regardless. In a time where most marriages were arranged or for convenience and money, much like Edmund and Sarah’s before they met each other, genuine affection was lovely to see. Although it would never have worked out, I was rooting for them to be able to try!

I thought the ending was perfect, far too many books leave a cliffhanger or have an ambiguous ending that leaves the reader guessing. I’m not a fan of books that end this way as I tend to over think how it could’ve ended and drive myself crazy, so I’m really happy that Mazzola ended The Unseeing the way she did. It was the icing on the cake!



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