Plan Our Date: Review

Not too long ago I received an automated direct message on Twitter from a company called Plan Our Date.

Now, normally as soon as I get an automated dm, I sigh and delete it. But I was intrigued by this one, not just because it was offering me something for free…

The aim of Plan Our Date is to give couples something to do together that they don’t have to think of themselves. I know my boyfriend and I can never decide on what we want to do, where we want to go or where we want to eat (although he’ll tell you it’s me who can never decide…oops).

As the first box is a sample box, it’s smaller than the boxes you’d get if you subscribed to the regular boxes. Regardless of this, I was still impressed by how much came with our box. The box included a pancake recipe complete with non-perishable ingredients, tea bags and a game. Included in each box is a Spotify playlist, which I thought was a fantastic idea and really showed how much thought had gone into the box.

Last week, Jon (my boyfriend) and I set aside an evening to use our box and we weren’t really sure what to expect. We tried to make the pancakes first and although they went terribly (we’ve always been awful at make pancakes, once I somehow broke the frying pan in half trying to flip them), it was so much fun!

After the pancakes, we gave the game a go. The game consisted of a series of questions that each person has to answer with a truth and two lies. Once you’ve filled in your answers, you swap sheets and try and work out which answer is the truth. Out of the 10 questions, Jon got 9 right and I got 7.

We both had such a good time writing the answers as you can see from the questions that they make you think about your relationship, your partner and yourself. But the best part of the game was seeing our answer sheets together and seeing how many of our answers were similar! On one of the questions, we’d both written the exact same joke, which really highlighted that we’re meant to be together!


I knew before I got the box that I would love what came in it, but what highlighted to me how great the box was, was how much Jon enjoyed it too! He is pretty romance repellent (which doesn’t bother me as I don’t rate it too much either) but some of his answers were downright adorable!

Plan Our Date is an absolutely brilliant idea and thank you for dm’ing me and bringing your business to my attention! I’ve definitely learned from grumbling over automated dms!

If you’re in a relationship, I definitely recommend giving Plan Our Date a go, because it’s a great way to just do something together that someone else has planned for you!


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