Life’s been a little crazy since I got back from holiday so I hadn’t had time to write my reviews of my holiday reading! But now I do…

Reading a book on holiday has always been my favourite thing to do, especially by the pool in the sun! On my recent holiday, I took two books both by Giovanna Fletcher: You’re the One That I Want and Dream a Little Dream.

You’re the One That I Want


I actually read this book in the first two days of my holiday. I couldn’t put it down and I was completely and utterly captivated by it.

You’re the One That I Want tells the story of three best friends: Maddy, Rob and Ben as they grow up together and overcome all sorts of challenges. Their biggest challenge, however, is which male ends up with Maddy, something you don’t find out until right at the end.

This book is a classic case of how dangerous not communicating can be and definitely inspired me to share how I feel about everything rather than keeping it in! I really went through the emotions reading this book, from frustrated with the characters and upset with their actions or circumstances.

In terms of characters, I adored Ben but found Maddy to be incredibly irritating. Her behaviour during some of the tenser scenes was awful and I spent a lot of the book shouting at her in my head. However, once I put myself in her shoes, I began to see why she was behaving in that way as, unlike me, she didn’t have insight into Ben’s head and couldn’t see his thoughts and feelings as I could.

Most of the book is centred on Ben and Maddy as each chapter alternately is in their point of view, so the reader doesn’t really get an insight into Rob’s head. Because of this, I didn’t care much for him, especially after some of the terrible things he does in the book. Ben also does some terrible things, but the insight into his thought processes makes the reader understand why he’s done what he’s done.

Throughout the whole book, I was rooting for Maddy to choose Ben over Rob mainly, I think, because of the window into Ben’s head over Rob’s…but who does she really choose? You’ll have to read the book and find out!

Dream a Little Dream


I tried to get into this book before my holiday and I just couldn’t, but I tried it again after I finished my first holiday book ridiculously quickly and I ended up loving it!

Dream a Little Dream tells the story of Sarah who seems to be frustrated with her life but at a loss of how to change it. Everything seems rosy on the outside, Sarah has a decent job, she’s got a great group of friends and she has her own place in London that she shares with a friend. The reality is however that she wants more from her job and in her group of friends she has to deal with being around her ex-boyfriend and the girl he left her for. To help her deal with her real life, Sarah begins to have dreams about someone she once knew at university and then by chance she meets him again in real life.

I really felt for Sarah in the beginning of the book, she’d pushed aside her feelings so much and dealt with things no one should be forced to deal with – like having to stay friends with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend – for the sake of her friends. Although I definitely thought she should’ve told them all exactly how she felt and put herself first, sometimes this is easier said than done.

While I felt sympathy for Sarah, I was also incredibly frustrated with her! She was so rude and awkward to the real version of Brett who she’d been having naughty dreams about. I spent most of the book with my head in hands because she was being so awkward and I just wanted her to get with Brett! I won’t be revealing what happens here, though, if you want to know you’ll have to have a read!

Dream a Little Dream was a fun book with a lovely story and the main character who I could really relate to as I also have a habit of keeping my feelings in to save face and escaping into a daydream every now and then. I’m so glad I gave it a second chance!

I seem to have been frustrated with the characters of both Giovanna Fletcher’s books, which isn’t a bad thing as the frustration makes me want to carry on reading! I can’t wait to read Dream a Little Christmas Dream and Billy and Me.


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