After seeing a review of My Husband’s Wife by Becca’s Books and seeing the title along with her review, I was so intrigued and knew I just had to read it.

My Husband’s Wife tells the story of Rosie Tipcott, a woman living in Devon who’s beyond happy with her life. She has the perfect husband, perfect daughters and perfect home, everything she has ever wanted. But all is not as it seems and soon everything she has known is ripped away from her.

From the start the description is so vivid of Woolacombe – a little beach town in Devon that I’ve actually been to – that immediately you’re transported into Rosie Tipcott’s life.

The descriptions and detail that went into not just the setting but the characters and the way they spoke and behaved, really brought the story to life. I can’t remember the last book that affected me so much that I was thinking about it and feeling different emotions even when I wasn’t reading it.

Rosie reminded me so much of my own mum, who has dedicated so much of her life to me and my dad, which I think is a massive reason why I was so moved by this story. To be honest, even without this reminder I think I would have been incredibly moved anyway as just the thought of the life you’ve built up, where you feel safe, secure and loved being snatched away from you is terrifying.

I don’t want to spoil the end, but I will say I feel oddly proud of how far Rosie came throughout the book, her character development was absolutely spot on! The main thing I took away from the book is that even though there are people in your life that you want to and have to care for, you have to live life for yourself as well as them.

My Husband’s Wife is an absolutely fantastic book and not something that I normally read, but I loved it. I was an emotional wreck throughout the whole book and I definitely recommend giving it a read!

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