What is it about The Great British Bake Off that makes the world go into a baking frenzy?

I’m still not quite sure whether it’s the show’s hosts and judges, the fact that’s it’s so incredibly British or whether we all just love cakes. But whatever it is, we all go nuts for The Great British Bake Off…myself included.

So in light of this, I fancied myself as the next Bake Off winner (ha!) and decided to get baking! My mum is actually really great at baking so I borrowed her Mary Berry baking book and we made some brownies together!

The recipe was unbelievably simple, it covered just one page even with pretty big photos and didn’t take long to make either.


I couldn’t resist stealing some of the mixture!

The final verdict on the brownies were, naturally, that they were delicious, however they did taste a lot more like cakes than brownies…I’m not sure whether this was to do with the fact that realised last minute that the recipe included eggs…maybe I’ll give it another go and see if they turn out the same!


I can’t take all of the credit when my mum bakes she likes everything done a certain way…so mostly it was her…maybe she should go on Bake Off instead?



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