Hedgehog Hibernation Box

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ve probably seen my love of hedgehogs plastered over my Twitter and Pinterest.

I’ve recently been researching the wild British hedgehog and found that they’re under great threat. The biggest threats to hedgehogs are the decreasing of their natural environment, increasing traffic and inaccessible modern gardens.

Urban sprawl is taking up more and more of the hedgehog’s natural habitat while the modern garden with paving and fences rather than grass, plants and hedges are restricting where hedgehogs can roam and forage. Traffic is self-explanatory, it is impossible to venture out in your car, at least where I live, without seeing a flattened hedgehog.

There are many ways each individual person can help hedgehogs! The most important way you can help hedgehogs is to ensure that they are able to move between gardens allowing them more access to food and shelter. It is also essential that you don’t use slug pellets as hedgehogs eat slugs and if the slugs have come into contact with slug pellets, then the hedgehog too will to be poisoned. If you have to use slug pellets, make sure they’re organic or wildlife friendly. Another way to help wild hedgehogs is to supplement their diet with extra food in the garden. This can be meat-based cat food and dog food or specific hedgehog food. If you’re unsure whether hedgehogs can have a specific food, you can always google it!

Finally, another way to help hedgehogs is to build them a hedgehog hibernation box for the garden. A hibernation box provides them with a safe place to hibernate where they will not be disturbed or injured. This is something I spent my weekend doing!

Following these instructions and with the help of my lovely boyfriend, we set about making our hedgehog box!


It was much more difficult than I imagined and there haven’t been any visitors yet – that I can tell anyway – but it was so worth it if it means that I’m doing something to help wild hedgehogs! Have a look at the photos of the hibernation box we made! It looks a bit bright in the daylight but at night when it most counts it looks great!

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