On Sunday (2nd October) I was lucky enough to get to see Lush in Basingstoke after hours AND sample their new Christmas range!

This was my first blogging event so I was a little nervous and almost chickened out but I’m so glad I went! Not only was seeing the products exciting but I got to meet some lovely bloggers!

Okay on to the part you actually care about…the products!


The Halloween range was the first thing to greet us as we entered the store and I’m a sucker for Halloween-themed anything! Not only do they look cute but they’ve got that autumnal feel about them…if only I still had a bath…!

The ghost is called Boo Bath Melt and it’s main goal is to moisturise as it’s designed to leave skin supple and nourished!

The pumpkin is called the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar and is just adorable! The flavour of this bubble bar is lime, grapefruit and juniperberry, on top of this leaves  sparkles in the bath!


The focus of the evening really was on the new Christmas ranges and here’re a few of my favourite bath-related products! How cute are all of these?!

The Santa is called the Peeping Santa Bubble Bar and is strawberry scented with cocoa and shea butter!

The dinosaur is called the Santasaurus Bubble Bar and aims to be uplifting and comforting, sharing its scent with the ever popular Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. I loved this one so much I bought myself one at the end of the night, even though I don’t actually have a bath!

Every time I look at the Father Christmas Bath Bomb, I laugh. He looks so funny! This bath bomb changes from red to green, paying homage to the fact that Santa was originally green.

The Christmas Penguin is just too cute and gives a floral flavour of lemon and orange.

Once again, I love themed products and these Christmas themed soaps really tickled me, especially the Santa’s Belly and Snowman!

The first soap is Santa’s Postbox. This soap shares it’s scent with the Satsuma Bath Bomb and is inspired by the post boxes used to post letters to Santa!

The blue oblong shaped soaps are the Reindeer Rock Soap. I thought this soap was so cute and the golden reindeer was the icing on the cake, or should I say decoration on the soap? I’m definitely going to be buying one of these for Christmas this year! This soap is inspired by ancient Swedish rock carvings and is made of Jasmine which is alleged to relieve stress and spread joy, perfect for Christmastime!

The Snowman and Santa’s Belly pots contain shower jellies. These are wobbly jelly like soaps in the shape of a snowman and Santa’s belly! I loved this idea and will definitely be buying one closer to Christmas!

The half igloo is the Igloo Soap and is built up of individual sections of soap in the shape of an igloo! This design took two years to make and is designed to not only look like an igloo but also Turkish Delight as that’s the scent of this soap!

I definitely recommend having a look at the new range at Lush! We had a few tasters of the products and everything smelled delicious, if I had unlimited funds I think I would’ve purchased everything. I think October and November’s wages will be spent here….


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