Do you follow my blog for my book reviews? If the answer is yes then you will LOVE what I’m about to tell you…there’s a new book box launching November this year!

The Ninja Book Box sends out a box of books 4 times a year – February, May, August and November – with books that are both new and not so new published by independent publishers. The Ninja Book Box team want to introduce avid book readers to books that have not got the recognition they deserve and genres that readers may not have come across before.

Ninja Book Box Team: “We want to support excellence and promote exploration and discovery in all aspects of the box.”

Each box will contain one book – often signed by the author and containing additional material – along with at least two gifts and a bunch of other fun items following the theme of that box’s book! The box is UK-based but can ship internationally!

Subscribers to the box will also get access to lots of additional community perks! Sound good?! Well, head on over to the Ninja Book Box website for more information on how to get your book-loving hands on the first box!

You can also sign up to the newsletter here and enter into the Ninja Book Box giveaway here! The giveaway winner announced on October 11th on the Ninja Book Box blog which can be found here! Don’t worry if you don’t win the giveaway though because you can also buy a smaller version of the box from the website!


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