I’ve had just about enough of seeing people online everywhere sharing images that skinny shame people. It’s just not on.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet that declared ‘stop celebrating skinny’. Why? Why should we stop celebrating our slim bodies (I hate the word skinny) while larger people are allowed to love and celebrate theirs? Why instead can we all not love of our bodies and every size and shape they come in? Comments such as these increase insecurity and encourage negative eating habits. By proclaiming that one body type is not right and another is, also ignores just how many differing factors actually go into the size of a person. Metabolism is just one of the factors. I’m not the healthiest person but I have a fast metabolism which stops me from putting on weight.

It would be naive of me to think that fat shaming isn’t a thing or that slim models on tv and in magazines aren’t a contributing factor to eating disorders and damaged self-esteem. But my point is, there is no need to tear down one body type to build up another because this is just as damaging. If all body types were embraced in the media and society, this wouldn’t be an issue. 

I’ve lost count of the comments that have been dealt to me over the years because I am slim. Actually, I haven’t lost count, I remember each and every one of them and they repeat in my mind every time I look at my body. Why is it unacceptable to comment on how large someone is but not how slim someone else is? Nobody should have the right to comment on anybody’s body because it is not yours. It just has nothing to do with you. Your opinion is not valid or wanted.

Last night, I spent a good hour researching ways I can gain weight quickly before I realised that it’s not me who needs to change. The opinions and perceptions in society are what needs to change. So next time you catch yourself on the cusp of making a comment about someone’s weight – either to their face or behind their back – think about the effect this will have on their self-esteem and confidence not to mention eating habits.

I can only hope one day we live in a world where we are all confident in our bodies and are more concerned with the person we are inside!


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