Halloween is a holiday I love despite hating dressing up….yeah I’m not sure how that works either!

I think my love of Halloween instead comes from my love of pumpkin picking and carving and just autumn in general.

This year, I’m celebrating Halloween over a few days but I’ll save my plans (and costume) for a post on actual Halloween! This post is all about the decorations I’ve bought this year. Now I’m not having a party but I like Halloween decorations and to me, they’re as essential as Christmas decorations.


Top of my Halloween to buy list was a pumpkin flavoured candle. I spent weeks searching for one that wasn’t a ridiculous £20 and eventually I found one in BM for less than a fiver. Win! (There is no link for the product on their website, unfortunately). This candle smells beautiful and exactly like Halloween.


My colleague came back from lunch one day the white version of this ghost and I thought it was so cute! So I went out and bought one as well, and I was delighted to find BM stocked them in my favourite colour as well!


This product I couldn’t resist, I could just picture it in a room with candles and pumpkins and thought it would create the perfect atmosphere! Plus it was super cheap!


What decorations have you bought for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!


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