My second Plan Our Date box came through a little while ago and I just haven’t had time to sit down with my fella and do it!

This box consisted of a chocolate cornflake recipe, clay to make a flower pot and seeds to grow a flower and a bunch of questions designed to make you think about your relationship and appreciate it more.I don’t like cornflakes so we skipped the chocolate cornflake recipe and went straight for the flower-pot making.


This made such a mess and was way more difficult than I thought it would be but still a lot of fun! The pot isn’t perfectly straight and it took a lot longer to dry than the instructions said but otherwise, we’re pretty proud of it!


The box came with chalkboard paint to paint the pot and then decorate with chalk but we decided to use actual paint as it was more colourful! Here’s how our pot turned out:

Once the seed starts to grow, I’m going to keep it in my office at work. I recently started a new job and my desk is rather bare so I need to fill it up and this flower pot is the perfect addition!

We didn’t get around to doing the questions as the clay moulding and painting too way longer than we thought but we will definitely get around to doing them soon, especially as we loved the first box so much.

Plan Our Date is such a great way to ensure that busy couples get to spend essential time together and because everything is planned for you, it takes away the stress of having to come up with ideas that are fun or different!


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