I was originally drawn to this book from the title. As a firm feminist, I knew I would love any story where there was a) a female lead and b) where the female lead is the first woman to do something.

And I was not disappointed! Deputy Head Porter was a complete badass.

Porter Girl: First Lady of the Keys details the first year as Deputy Head Porter at an esteemed college called Old College for the main character. Her arrival is met with awkward responses on the basis that she is a woman and Porters, up until now, have always been male. Throughout her time at Old College, a medieval institution set up many moons ago, she realises that something is amiss when secrets begin to be uncovered and dead bodies start showing up.


When I first began reading the Porter Girl, I was unsure which way the story would go and I was pleasantly surprised to see the story become crime fiction. If you’ve read my book reviews before, you’ll know how much I love a good crime book! I was also pleasantly surprised to find it very difficult to decide who is behind the unnerving murders.

The writing style of Brazier is not something I’ve come across before and is not something I would generally go for, but once the back story and story structure got out of the way, I couldn’t stop reading. I was desperate to know the secrets of Old College.

Without giving away the ending too much, I’m really hoping that there’s a second book because I have so many questions! I normally despise books that end on a cliffhanger, but Brazier really pulled it off! There’s enough resolution in the ending to satisfy you but with some aspects still in the dark, you’re left wanting more!


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