For my Mum’s birthday, I bought her a gift ticket to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford. It was a two in one present as I really wanted to go as well! We also visited with my aunt who shares a birthday with my mum as they are twins!

The last time I visited the studio tour was about 4 years ago and in that time the Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts in the Snow had arrived.

I wanted to buy a Hogwarts house scarf in the US when I visited Orlando over the summer but they were very expensive and it’s waaaaay too hot for scarves! So I took the opportunity to buy a scarf at the studio tour. I wore my Hufflepuff scarf with pride until I was made fun of for my choice of scarf (in jest of course)! I informed the man that Hufflepuff is the house we should aspire to be in, JK said so herself! An employee of the tour later complimented me on my scarf and told me it was the best house! I think it’s so funny that house rivalry exists even though for us it doesn’t actually mean anything.


I was not prepared for how much the studio tour had grown in the 4 years since I’d visited! There was so much more to see and interact with this time compared to last time, for example, I got to recreate the Quidditch scene from the first film where the first years are learning how to fly. By saying ‘Up!’ the broomstick flew up into your waiting hand!


My favourite part of going anywhere Harry Potter related is instantly being able to identify exactly where the item or outfit is from. Here’s some photos of my favourite parts of the tour, particularly the Great Hall! The moment the staff open the doors to the tour and you see the Great Hall in all it’s glory for the first time is just such a ‘gasp’ moment.

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My second favourite part of the tour is being able to sit on and interact with props used in the films. Below are photos of me knocking on number 4 Privet Drive, sitting aboard the Hogwarts Express, climbing on the Knight Bus and sitting on Hagrid’s bike.

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This, however, was the icing on the cake of the whole day! The moment when we walked outside to the Backlot where Privet Drive, the Potters’ House, and the Knight Bus are, and it was snowing. Fake snow, of course, but the feeling it gave me can only be described as magical. Here’s us looking completely giddy:

It’s safe to say my mum’s birthday present was a hit and we had a great day!


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