My Christmas wardrobe is pretty extensive and I have an entire drawer dedicated to it! Rather than bore you will everything I have, I’ve chosen my favourites!

This is the most recent article of my Christmas wardrobe! I bought this from Next last year and I love how cute all the animals look taking a selfie.


Primark has the best collection of Christmas clothes in my opinion and that’s exactly where I got this gem of a t-shirt! Elf is one of the best Christmas films so I love wearing this t-shirt. (Only just realised how wrinkly this is! Oops!)


A couple of years ago, light up Christmas jumpers were all the rage. It’s possibly the most uncomfortable jumper ever, but I love it anyway. This jumper is from Amazon.

This was the first Christmas jumper I ever bought and that was about 4 or 5 years ago. This jumper is from Primark again and surprisingly has retained its shape and hasn’t fallen apart in any way!


I also have a collection of Christmas socks from Next and Christmas leggings all from Primark. If you didn’t know me you’d probably think I’m a huge fan of Christmas! I’m actually not I just love the clothes!


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