Christmas decorations in our house always go up on the first weekend of December! As that’s today, I spent the majority of the day putting up the decorations with my mum.

Our Christmas tree always has a colour scheme and this year we’ve gone for blue and gold.


This means my personalised bauble can go up as it’s blue and naturally I put it right in the centre of the tree.


My parents’ dream has always been to have a real fireplace in the house, unfortunately, the style of our house doesn’t accommodate this so they bought an  electric one instead. The fireplace is always so beautifully decorated at Christmas and it’s my favourite part of our decorations.


Now onto my favourite individual decorations. Most of the decorations we have are from Disney, because the Christmas shops in America are literally the best thing ever, as is Disney. On my holiday to Florida over the summer I bought a Stitch Christmas ornament.


My second favourite ornament is this reindeer my dad bought from some fair a few years ago. It’s the silliest looking reindeer and it’s eyes freak me out a little but I still love it.


My third favourite is the Christmas clock. When this clock makes an appearance, I know it’s almost Christmas! We’ve had this clock for as long as I can remember and I’ve always loved it.


Ooh, I almost forgot this little guy! I got this elf from somewhere when I was really small but I can’t remember exactly where from or why. Vaguely, I think it was from school but I’m not sure. This little elf is the smallest decoration we have and I always used to make up Christmas games with it when I was tiny.


What are your favourite decorations in your house? I wanna see your pictures!



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