Last night my little home town did a Christmas light switch on and a parade.

When my hometown does carnivals and parades and such, it never really goes well. It’s always a half-assed attempt that is slightly embarrassing. My hometown isn’t exactly a big town and it’s not a village either, it’s somewhere in between so it doesn’t have the cute village feel nor does it have the big city excitement. Which I suppose isn’t its fault and I guess it gets points for trying!

The parade took place in the centre of the town, down one of the main streets and roundabouts. The streets were packed with people and on the other side of the roundabout was fairground rides for kids, food stalls and a stage.

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A man on a penny farthing with Christmas lights wound through the wheel spokes kicked off the parade shortly followed by a steam train type thing. The train was towing a sleigh with Santa, an elf and a reindeer inside.

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The next part of the parade was supposed to be a lantern parade with school kids from the local area carrying lanterns they had made. However, there were more parents than kids and not many lanterns at all so that was a bit disappointing.

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The final part of the evening was the lights being switched on the tree that sits in the middle of the roundabout. The crowd counted down from 10….and the lights didn’t come on. So a man dressed up a reindeer came along to sort it out and we counted down from 10 again….and they still didn’t come on! Laughter was rippling through the crowd by this time because it’s just so typical of our hometown! Third time lucky however and the lights finally came on!


Does your hometown have any parades and light switch on events?


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