After the Christmas products showcase I went to back in October, I’m slowly becoming a Lush addict! Well how can you not be, everything in there is deliciously smelling and incredible!

I had a few presents to buy from Lush as well so I had to try and not buy everything in sight otherwise I’d be over budget!

So onto what I bought! I got the Santa Baby Lip Tint:


It’s impossible to read the brand without singing it in my head! I got this product along with the Santa Baby Lip Scrub. It’s basically a red lipstick but is just a tint so is less overpowering than actual red lipstick.

I got the Reindeer Rock Soap:


I think this is so cute! It smells so delicious and I’m patiently waiting for the current soap in our bathroom to dwindle down until it’s acceptable to throw it out and replace it with the new soap!

And finally the Sleepy Body Lotion:


I’m not sure that this is exactly a Christmas product, but I just wanted to show it off because I love it so much! It smells of lavender, contains glitter and is supposed to help with sleeping.

As I mentioned, I did get some other products as well but as they were swiftly taken away from me and stowed away as part of my Christmas presents, I couldn’t nab any photos!


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